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Traditional printing method lead to elegant and glamorous invitation

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Letterpress Wedding Invitations Hong Kong

A lot of brides will fall in love with letterpress wedding invitations. It is very true that the resulted deep impression on the paper given by letterpress printing will make the wedding invitations elegant and beautiful. Nowadays, the craft of letterpress has become a kind of art and a lot of couples are looking for the artistic expressions of letterpress wedding invitations.

Letterpress Hong Kong

The technique of letterpress is believed to be invented around 200 A.D. in China. It is the earliest form of printing. Texts were printed with blocks of carved wood at that time. In Europe, letterpress printing started to flourish during the 12th century. This is partly because of the development of paper making techniques. By 15th century, paper was available all over Europe. Prints were made by letterpress using cast letterforms.

When it comes to wedding invitations, there are various ways of printing nowadays. For couples who plan to print a picture on the card, offset printing would be adapted. Yet, a lot of brides and grooms will still go for the technique of letterpress because it delivers a quality of elegance that other kinds of printing techniques cannot deliver.

Letterpress wedding invitations can be easily found in the United States and European countries. It is, however, relatively rare in Hong Kong. One of the reasons is that not many printers operate a press these days. As a result, a lot of couples will need to get the invitation cards they love from Europe or the United States.

Letterpress wedding invitations are usually in Western style nowadays. This is totally understandable because these cards are mainly designed and printed in Western countries.

In view of this, we have decided to reinterpret the essence of letterpress here in Hong Kong. With the notion of Chinese traditions in mind, we have attempted to design letterpress wedding invitations which are in Modern Chinese style. We try to redefine the design of letterpress invitation cards. By combining Modern Chinese elements with materials from Western countries, this great invention in China is totally reinterpreted.

The paper used is 100% cotton paper from the United States. This is a kind of environmental paper because it does not contain tree fibers. Besides, this kind of paper can bring the essence and beauty of letterpress to its edge. The deep impression is totally amazing when this kind of paper is used with letterpress printing.

Letterpress invitation Hong Kong

When the Ancient Eastern Ideas and Traditions meet the experiences and materials from the West, a new form of unique wedding invitation design is created. The design and invitation cards will become an unforgettable part of the most important day in your life!