New Wedding Invitation Designs

Wedding card design ideas: Introduce our latest wedding invitation designs.

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Passport Invitation

This is a passport-like invitation, a passport to let your guests intend your big day.

Laugh and love each other

Three difference color combination is designed to give couple more choice of the invitation color scheme. The color schemes provide difference sense to the guests. The apple green border gives a more western style feel while the one with red border is more traditional chinese look. This invitation is designed with two difference paper materials […]

Eternal Love & Joy

Double happiness symbol with two lovely fishes to bless the couple with good luck and happiness forever.

La Floret

Red blossom flowers dancing in joy to celebrate the wedding of the couple.

Love heart in heart

A lovely cute wedding couple in front of a chinese style arch united in Love.

Wedding Blessing of Mui Flower

Mui flower in black color printing with red color paper create chinese traditional style. Back mount with 250gsm gold color paper with chinese paper cutting lovely twin birds.

Double Happiness with smile

Dancing Phoenix forming a perfect circle celebrating the happiness of the couple.

Playful bird wedding guest book

Playful bird with double happiness express the good wishes to couple

Wedding Aboard: Air ticket wedding invitation

Issue an air ticket to your best friends and relatives to invite them to your wedding party.

Classic Blessing


The wedding day surround with flowers, just like he garlanded her with love.