Other Invitations

Other Invitation such as birthday invitation, party invitation, etc.

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Eternal Love & Joy

Double happiness symbol with two lovely fishes to bless the couple with good luck and happiness forever.

Double Happiness Joy

A pair of love birds singing in joy to bring the couple getting married good news to their friends and relatives. Red color double happiness is very eye-catching.

Bear in Pink, baby in Love

Children like little bear, cute and innocent.

Hello! Hello!

Hello! Just want to say hello to all of you.

Baby boy or baby girl

The baby shower invitation cards are designed for couples who have new born baby girl(s) or boy(s) and want to share their happiness with relatives and friends.

Sunflower: full with energetic


Sunflower with strong life-force, full with energy.

Love Together

No matter what happens, two couples are mean to stay in love.

Love & Joy: Mui

Mui flower in light pink color with a small chop of double happiness.

Destined Love

Fish and lily is a good symbol


Birds flying on Mui flowers to bring the good news