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The Most Unique Wedding Invitation

Your wedding is certainly very important. It will be one of the most important days in your life. As a result, you will probably want to make it unique. This should also be true for your wedding invitations. It is the item that will set the tone of your wedding!

You will have tons of choices when it comes to wedding invitation in Hong Kong. However, brides and grooms will certainly want to push the design of their invitation cards to their highest quality. In view of this, we decided to start 983 Wedding. We aim at providing the best and most unique wedding invitations to couples.

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Modern Chinese Wedding Invitations

As a matter of fact, most couples would like to search for invitation cards which bear the notion of Chinese culture and traditions. However, some of them are old fashioned designs. To this end, we attempts to redefine and reinterpret the notion of traditional Chinese wedding invitations.

In order to create a sense of uniqueness, we have combined the ideas from the east and west. Our modern Chinese wedding invitations are designed in this sense. A taste of western culture is always found in our Chinese designs. This creates a new kind of invitations cards in Chinese style.

Creative Designs

Besides our modern Chinese designs, you will also be able to find various creative designs from us. As per these creative wedding invitations, we have attempted to push the idea of 2-dimensions to 3-dimensions. A sculptural quality can always be found from our creative designs.

Tailor Made Wedding Invitations

Besides our own designs, you can also create your own unique wedding invitation with us. We will help you to realize your ideas, from a very simple card to an extremely sophisticated invitation. We are always here to help!

Although we are based in Hong Kong, we work with clients all over the world. You are invited to contact us so that we can discuss about your invitation cards. We will help to make your wedding the most memorable and romantic!